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The pace of change has accelerated dramatically, producing seismic shifts in business and society. One consequence of these shifts is that people are more important than ever to your organization's success. Companies that create a true people advantage by hiring the best and the brightest will race ahead of their competitors.

You can be confident IMD International Search Group will enable you to access and acquire the best executive talent, solve your most complex talent challenges, and excel through effective people strategies.

GENERAL MANAGER Major French clothing retailer Western Europe
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GENERAL MANAGER , Western Europe
Major French clothing retailer
FINANCIAL RISK DIRECTOR Major Polish Bank Eastern Europe
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Major Polish Bank
Chairman – Repatriation Medical Authority Chairman – Repatriation Medical Authority Asia Pacific
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Chairman – Repatriation Medical Authority, Asia Pacific
Chairman – Repatriation Medical Authority

November 2014 - Welcome to our new Partner in the USA, The Onstott Group, with offices in Boston. Click HERE for further details.

September 2014 - IMD expands in the Americas - Welcome to our new Partner ALDER KOTEN! Click HERE for details on the firm, their services and offices in the USA, Mexico, Colombia...

April/May 2014 - IMD SPRING CONFERENCE: Noordwijk meeting and election of Daniel Lewczuk as Director EMEA